I've used tickets and RCS to manage my software projects for years, but the number of tickets for my projects - Risto.NET, Something About Midnight, the MOFOs, NoInfo, and Code Blue - recently exploded and became too much to manage mentally, so I decided to take their management to the next level. A few weeks ago I setup a PmWiki install as the landing page for my projects, formalized my existing project management methodology, development environment, and development process, assigned versions to all projects, and assigned tickets to versions.

To consolidate all of this I wrote a road map generation script for Mantis to break a project's tickets down by version, category, and then status. Now I can easily see the bigger picture and manage my priorities. Trac has roadmap functionality, but at the moment one Trac install only supports one project, and all of my projects are related to Code Blue, so I need multi project support. Multi-project support is in the works for Trac, but here it is not.

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Last updated February 23, 2012